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Words from clients & colleagues

"I have known Karen for over six years now, and she continues to amaze me with the dedication and passion she puts into her profession and how she thoughtfully vacillates in her roles as a Behavioral Health Strategist and Mental Health Consultant and Nutrition Health and Life Coach. As a colleague in the Mental Health field, Karen is a well-known, sought-after, and respected professional. Karen holds the refined ability to show up for any project with integrity, care, grace, intellect, and is always thinking outside the box with her innovative and creative ideas. Karen's ability to expand networks and referral sources and produce creative brand marketing and awareness is above and beyond. 

As a Behavioral Health Strategist, Karen has gracefully pivoted her resourceful skill set by supporting those seeking assistance with treatment care and consultation. By providing customized attention and care, Karen creatively caters to an individual’s mental health and wellness needs while case managing their journey. Karen holds your hand and keeps your needs top priority in a world that can be quite daunting and unfamiliar to many.

I have also witnessed Karen’s expansion into her Nutrition Health and Life Coach career. Her motivation, commitment, and zest for helping others transform their lives and achieve their goals is truly exhilarating. Karen is an agent of positive change and a genuine thought leader within her own right. She will continue to rise above all expectations to elevate the goodness in all that she does for herself and others. It is an honor to work side by side with Karen on cases with clients seeking their own sense of happiness and wholeness."

"She continues to amaze me..."


“I cannot say enough about the work Karen does with her clients. Karen is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. She is a living example of the work she teaches. She is amazing at pointing out the limiting parts of our lives that block us from actualizing our true potential. Through her own work in her own life, she has formulated a coaching style that is inspirational, compassionate, and motivational. Not only is she amazing at lifestyle transformation she is also an incredible example of how nutrition can change your life. Through our work together, I was able to see how modifying my diet could change the way I feel, think, and approach the world. Her flavorful plant-based cooking was not only accessible but very easily integrated into my life. I wanted to integrate a plant-based lifestyle, yet I always felt overwhelmed by all the competing information out there about plant-based nutrition. Karen is amazing at explaining the benefits and how to integrate them into your own individual lifestyle. I would recommend Karen to anyone trying to make any type of transformational change in their life. She will be an incredible teacher and your biggest cheerleader!”

"An incredible example of how nutrition can change your life."


"Karen was an invaluable aid to me as I sought out the best mental health facility for my son. I was overwhelmed with all the options. Karen jumped right into the search with her expertise, and I immediately felt 100% supported and a huge relief. Karen was very actively a part of my decision-making. I spoke with her regularly and always found her to be proactive and responsive, which felt like she was a true partner. She was available to me always (even though we were two time zones apart). Karen wasn’t just a support to me; she also offered specific advice with questions for me to ask different facilities. Additionally, she set up tela appointments with different mental health professionals from different facilities just to allow me the opportunity to hear what they would suggest. Karen’s holistic approach to healing took into account every aspect of my son’s needs. She helped pinpoint what he needed both physically and mentally in order to begin healing. Since she is a genuinely passionate and caring person, I always felt that Karen was dedicated and working toward helping me find the best place for my son. My son got placed and is fully supported in his needs. Karen has been a blessing in my life!"

"Karen has been a blessing in my life!"


“As a colleague of Karen's, I've seen her show up with such curiosity and professionalism for her clients time and time again. In her consulting, Karen is not only a master at creating and cultivating long-term, quality relationships with people, but she also provides resources and her own creative approach that is unexpected yet profoundly effective. In her coaching, Karen brings a wealth of knowledge and practical application to her clients. Her ability to hold accountability and really get to the heart of an issue is what creates the results her clients desire most. Truly, the work Karen does on all fronts is remarkable and filled with enthusiasm and life!"

"A creative approach that is unexpected yet profoundly effective."


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